First Offender DUI 8 Hour Class


8 Hour Course – 1 time per week – 4 hrs a day (8 Hours) Cost: $180.00

8 Hour Online Course  Enroll and complete the course at any time  Cost: $200

The staff at Academy of Human Development has been involved in the education of the perils of driving under the influence. The staff members possess approximately twenty plus years in the behavior modification of individuals.

One staff member has been a bilingual Social Psychologist for the Las Vegas Municipal Court for the past nine (9) years and served in the development of the program. Another staff member has worked in law enforcement as an officer with extensive exposure to the injuries and fatalities of driving impaired.

At AHD, the main program focus is on the efforts to prevent or reduce impaired driving crashes.

Staff members from AHD belong to the State of Nevada Attorney General’s Advisory Coalition on drunk driving.

AHD has been participating in the aggressive outreach to the Hispanic/Latin community to educate in the awareness of prevention, intervention and criminal justice system functions in this country as it compares to the laws in their country of origin.

This information is disseminated in the manner of literature, workshops and media. AHD also participates in programs in conjunction with the local Stop DUI organization, Victim Impact Panels and law enforcement in the Las Vegas Area.


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Course Demonstration

Our Online Alcohol and Controlled Substances course is divided into a series of 5 units on a variety of topics, covering the breadth of information required by the Nevada DMV.

The Nevada DMV requires students to spend at least 8 hours studying in order to receive a certificate of completion. To comply with this requirement, our course is timed. A green progress bar will be present at the top of each instructional page of the course. Your progress towards the minimum time requirement is being tracked when this progress bar is present. You must study for the required amount of time before you will be able to take the final exam.

When you have completed all 5 units and passed all 5 quizzes and have studied for at least the required amount of time, you will be ready for to take the final examination to complete the course. The 40 questions of the final exam are comprehensive and cover material from the entire course. You need to pass the final exam with a score of 70% or better in order to complete the course.

Once you have completed the course, you will be able to print a certificate of completion which will verify that you have successfully completed our Alcohol and Controlled Substances course. We will also send a certificate to the appropriate court proving that you have completed the online DUI course.

The Academy of Human Development courses are approved the DMV. Licenses DUI000029477, TSS000029478


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